Emergency call-out – garage door service Bristol

Imagine if you come home after a long journey or return home after dark and your garage door fails. Or worse your trying to leave for work and your garage door fails to open.  Very inconvenient, even disastrous!

This is why we operate a 24 hour call out garage door repair service.  Any time in the Bristol area, we’ll come out to you and do the emergency repairs needed to fix your garage door – with follow up repairs if needed.

We are able to carry out garage door repairs on all makes and models of doors and electrical operators.  

How to identify the make of your garage door?

Look for the manufacturers name or logo on the garage door handle. If not, there may be a manufacturers label on the inside of the garage door panel; Henderson, Cardale, King, Marley, Garador, Hormann etc.

If you are unsure, please e-mail or text us some clear images, if possible, as this will aid us with the repair. Also images of the handle, gearing and overview of the garage door inside and outside, if you can, will aid us in trying to identify the problem with your garage door before we even arrive.

Why is the age of the door relevant?

Garage door manufacturers are constantly improving and upgrading their products. How old the garage door is can give a good indication of what gearing was used and what garage door spares are available whether they are genuine or a suitable replica/equivalent. When the house was built is not always the same year the garage door was manufactured. But if you don’t know, it’s not a problem, as our engineers will on arrival.

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Emergency callout Bristol Garage Doors